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The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide digs deeper… Bring the Civil War home in a personal, hands-on way that’s sure to provide a fulfilling, educational, and fun series of adventures.”

– The History Channel Club

“Weeks’ enthusiasm for his subject in this vast undertaking shows on every page.”

– The Chicago Tribune

“A Civil War buff’s dream come true… No diehard Civil War buff or history fanatic will want to be without Weeks’ major new contribution to a fast-growing pastime.”

– History Book Club

“Even avid Civil War history buffs are sure to learn something from Weeks’ carefully written tome.”

– The Orlando Sentinel

“Civil War history buffs will want to check out The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide.”

– The Washington Post

“An up-to-the-minute guide for Civil War tourists, from the novice to the serious military buff.”

– MENSA Bulletin

“Where other guides offer insights into 10 or 12 venues, The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide… enables readers to personally tailor their trips to every major Civil War campaign site and beyond.”

– Purdue Alumnus

“The Civil War buff’s guide to the perfect grand tour.”

– Military Book Club

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